"Ability to play the banjo soon places one in a social position to pick and choose from scores of social invitations. Everywhere, the banjoist is assured of a hearty welcome..."

from THE BANJO, a 1927 pamphlet published by Gibson, Inc.

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Rest in Peace Hubie King

On December 8, 2012, our wonderful mentor, Hubie King, passed away.  Hubie was a kind and generous soul with a deep love for old time music. He welcomed the original FOB newbies to the larger old time community and encouraged and guided us as we learned the old tunes. We miss him, his wonderful smile and his beautiful banjo playing. We send much love to his wife Chris and their family.

Katy Daley from WAMU's Bluegrass Country aired a lovely tribute to Hubie on her radio show where you can also find a link to a video of Hubie playing with the Foghorn Stringband.  Click here to find a link to his obituary.  He recorded a CD with Diane Jones called "There Are No Rules" which can be obtained here.  Sandy Hofferth wrote an article about Hubie in the Volume 12, Number 6 issue of the Old Time Herald which can be obtained here.

Hubie at his workshop
Hubie King

Hubie King

Hubie's Banjos 
Hubie, Jill and Rosemarie
Hubie and FOB at Clifftop  Hubie and FOB at Clifftop  Hubie at his 75th Birthday Party 

 Hubie at Lew's House Hubie at WAMU  Laura and Hubie
Tom and Hubie   Hubie at Holiday Jam
Hubie, Chris and Speedy  Hubie at Barbara's Jam  Chris King