“Ability to play the banjo soon places one in a social position to pick and choose from scores of social invitations. Everywhere, the banjoist is assured of a hearty welcome..."

 from THE BANJO, a 1927 pamphlet published by Gibson, Inc.

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2007 Clifftop
 Paul Rosemarie  Jim 
Howard   Barbara Cabin 4 
Jim and Rosemarie   Campsite Jill buying a banjo 
2007 Henry Reed Memorial Festival
Bill & Emily  Henry Reeds Fiddle   
Howard  Diane Steve Bill Howard 
Streaky Meat  Campsite   
Peter and Jill with Chris Via  Jill and Howard  Grounds 
2006 Rockbridge Festival
JC Campsite Jill
   Peter Lucy
Grounds   Mountain Mama Catering  Lucy's Caravan
2006 Clifftop
Stage Lodge Area Road To Swamp
Leslie & Jill Campsite Rosemarie & Ruth
JC  Kevin & Howard  Jan and Virginia 
Rosemarie Paul & Barbara  Peter  Bill 
 Cabin 4  Babcock Grist Mill Cabin 4 First Dinner 
2006 Henry Reed Memorial Festival
Clouds Sign Mountains
Stage Campsite