“Ability to play the banjo soon places one in a social position to pick and choose from scores of social invitations. Everywhere, the banjoist is assured of a hearty welcome..."

 from THE BANJO, a 1927 pamphlet published by Gibson, Inc.

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Special Events
2006 Marine Comfort Quilts:  A friend of Jim's requested some musicians to play at an old fashioned Quilting Bee for Marine Comfort Quilts (, a nationwide group that makes memorial quilts for the families of servicemen and -women killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Jim, Hubie, Howard, Rosemarie and Marsha went out to play old time music for the quilters.
Quilting Bee
Camp Rock 2005: Rosemarie arranged an evening hoedown for the kids. The band consisted of Howard on fiddle, Jim on bass, Keith and Chris on guitar, and Hubie, Barbara and Rosemarie on banjo.
Camp Rock
 Playing on the C&O Canal
C&O Canal
Mule Drive
2007 WAMU Interview on Hubie King's Old Time Jam
2007 Day's End Horse Rescue
Horse Rescue