"Ability to play the banjo soon places one in a social position to pick and choose from scores of social invitations. Everywhere, the banjoist is assured of a hearty welcome..."

from THE BANJO, a 1927 pamphlet published by Gibson, Inc.

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Old Time Resources

Hear the Music ~ Radio, Video, etc.

Good YouTube Channels

Banjo and Fiddle Teachers

Instrument Repair

Banjo Makers and Shops

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Other Resources

Hear the Music ~ Radio, Video, etc. #Back to Index
Old Time Jam live radio show at WAMU Bluegrass Country, in Washington, DC area, every Fri., noon to 3 EST. Interviews, music recorded live in the studio and recorded music.Click on URL for playlists and more information. 
Yew Piney Mountain radio show streaming from KRUI radio in Iowa City, Iowa, Wed., 7-8 EST. Recordings by both historical and contemporary musicians, field recordings, & occasional in-studio performances.
WNRV AM 990 The Ridge streaming from the banks of the New River near Glen Lyn, VA, home of the late Henry Reed.  Plays old time and bluegrass.
WPAQ 740 AM Voice of the Blue Ridge streaming from Mt. Airy, NC since 1948.  Check schedule for music programs.
Folkstreams On-Line Documentaries  Everyday at , you can watch on-line documentaries celebrating folk culture, including among many:  "Catching the Music" featuring Stephen Wade  and "Appalachian Journey featuring Tommy Jarrell.    
Music in the Digital Library of Appalachia
As quoted from the site ... "DLA music entries are derived from non-commercial sound recordings that document much of Appalachian music's geographic, ethnic, vocal, and instrumental diversity. The several thousand presently available provide an unprecedented resource for study of repertoire, technique, lore, and the musical interchanges among the region's traditional musicians, many of who are no longer living."
The Library of Congress's site Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier ~ The Henry Reed Collection is a "multi-format ethnographic field collection of traditional fiddle tunes performed by Henry Reed of Glen Lyn, Virginia.  Recorded by folklorist Alan Jabbour in 1966-67, when Reed was over eighty years old, the tunes represent the music and evoke the history and spirit of Virginia's Appalachian frontier."
Oldtime Internet Radio
Terri Lukačko has a great blog dedicated to our kind of music.  Click on Festival Recordings and you will find recordings of tunes played at various jams.
Eclectic Internet Radio from Takoma Park~includes lots of trad music.
Field Recorders' Collective
Dedicated to release of materials (music and photographs) from private collections.
Old Time Fiddle Tunes ~ a collection of fiddle tunes from old recordings and workshops, transcribed by John Lamancusa, with PDFs, MP3s and MIDIs.
Old Time Jam ~ Old Time back up tracks to practice with.
Old Time Tune Collection ~ A collection of wonderful tunes from the Canote brothers and Candy Goldman's Stringband Class out in Seattle, WA.
Good YouTube Channels #Back to Index
Kim Johnson's YouTube channel includes rare footage of Wilson Douglas.
Banjo & Fiddle Teachers & Players That Have Guided One or More of Us #Back to Index
Brooke Parkhurst, Banjo
Flint Hill, VA
Diane Jones, Banjo Teacher
Joe Herrmann, Fiddle and Banjo
Paw Paw, WV
Claude Martin, Fiddle
Boyds, MD
Andrea Hoag, Fiddle
Takoma Park, MD
Alan Jabbour, Fiddle
Washington, DC
Cathy Fink, Banjo
Community Music
Lea Coryell, Banjo
Lea's CD at CD Baby
Bruce Hutton, Banjo
Mt. Ranier, MD
Don Rusnak, Banjo
Arlington, Virginia
703 303-0539
Bob Carlin, Banjo
Lexington, NC
Instrument Repair #Back to Index
Bill Swank
Waldorf, MD
Jim Taylor's String Instrument
Westminster, MD
(410) 374-4931
Gaile's Violin Shop
Gailes' Violin Shop
College Park, MD
Marc Glickman, Luthier
Stringed Instrument Repair and Restoration
Frederick, MD
House of Musical Traditions
Takoma Park, MD
Banjo Shops and Makers #Back to Index
Turtle Hill Banjo Co
David E. Schenkman
Bryantown, MD
In our area, you really can't get much better then Turtle Hill in living out your banjo fantasies.  Dave is extraordinarily helpful and gracious to new banjo players (and shoppers) and he has a large stock of open backs available -- old and new.  Go see him!
Zepp Country Music
I love this website (it's also a North Carolinian bricks & mortar store).  Donald Zepp has sound files for the many banjos, both old and new, that he offers for sale.  He's a wonderful clawhammer player so, not only does it make internet banjo shopping fun, it's also a good resource when you are learning tunes or just want to listen to good music.  Check it out.
Kevin Enoch, Banjo Maker
Mike Ramsey, Banjo Maker
George Wunderlich, Minstrel Banjo Maker
Myersville, MD
The Music Store
Ruckersville, VA
House of Musical Traditions
Takoma Park, MD
Other Organizations #Back to Index
Southern Maryland Traditional Music and Dance
Regular old time jam
Folklore Society of Greater Washington
Concerts, Festivals sometimes featuring old time musicians
Institute of of Musical Traditions
Concerts, Workshops sometimes featuring old time musicians
Regular bluegrass and old time jams
Hot Squares
Some of our best local old time musicians and stringbands play for this regular traditional American square dance series, located in College Park, MD
Smithsonian Center of Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Runs the big, wonderful folklife festival on the mall every summer.
Library of Congress American Folklife Center
Concerts, webcasts, resources for research
National Heritage Award Ceremonies
Often feature our old time heroes
Other Resources #Back to Index
Old Time Herald
Banjo Newsletter
Lots of great links and info
buy, sell, trade, learn about the history of banjos
banjos, banjo cds, tab books
Festival Survival List If you are going to your first old time music festival, this check list will give you ideas on what to bring.
Fiddler's Companion ~ Andrew Kuntz's amazing research aid on fiddle tunes of North America, British Isles and Ireland. Indexing began in 1987 and continues today.
Vintage Banjo Makers ~ From the UK, a site with lots of photos and info about vintage banjos and their makers.
Gordon Banjos Old Time Music ~ Gordon Banks very thorough list of old time music links.
FindAGrave Virtual Cemetery ~ a listing of the final resting places of many old time master musicians. May they rest in peace after giving their music to us to listen and dance to and to inspire so many of us who love to play the old tunes.
Old Time Party Blog ~ This site captures just about everything old time on the internet and makes it easily available to all of us. An amazing resource.